OUR MISSION is to provide competitive,creative logistic solutions to meet and exceed our client's just-in-time transportation needs.

With state-of-the-art technology and a team driven to exceed their customer’s expectations, we have implemented the basic core values of reliability, attentiveness and hard work to provide on-time satisfaction and exceptional customer service.

We are committed. We have no excuses. Once we are awarded your business, we will work around the clock, 365-24-7 to get the job done right, every time.

We pride ourselves on a no give back philosophy. We are fully bonded and bring over 40 years of experience in the brokerage market.


 Marcia Richards, Kimberly Chisholm, Robert Preister, Amanda Thomas, Kelsey Thomas

Marcia Richards, Kimberly Chisholm, Robert Preister, Amanda Thomas, Kelsey Thomas

Kimberly J Chisholm President

P: 763-633-6587

C: 763-607-1971

E: kimc@logisticpartnersmn.com


Amanda Thomas Vice President

P: 763-633-6588

C: 763-203-3658

E: athomas@logisticpartnersmn.com


Kelsey Thomas Logistics Specialist

P: 763-633-6589

C: 763-607-1247

E: kelseyt@logisticpartnersmn.com


Marcia Richards Accounts Payable

P: 763-450-4261

C: 763-360-2000

E: mrichards@logisticpartnersmn.com

Robert Preister Logistics Specialist

P: 763-450-9446

C: 763-218-2410

E: rpreister@logisticpartnersmn.com


A message from our President:

We are passionate about our customers! We will continually strive to meet and exceed our Customers needs every single time.
We like a good challenge and are always thinking outside of the box because there is always more than one route to any finish line. Our promise is to deliver competitive and consistent service. We are a no excuses Company and will go to the end of the earth to earn and retain your business!

Kimberly Chisholm